AD&D 2023 Program

Friday July 7th, 2023 Times in GMT+2    
1:30pm How well does GPT phish people? An investigation involving cognitive biases and feedback
Megha Sharma, Palvi Aggarwal, Kuldeep Singh, Varun Dutt
2:00pm Honey Infiltrator: Injecting Honeytoken Using Netfilter
Daniel Reti, Tillmann Angeli, Hans Dieter Schotten
2:30pm Towards In-situ Psychological Profiling of Attackers Using Dynamically Generated Deception Environments – A Proof-of-Concept Proposal
Jacob Quibell
3:30pm Decision-Making Biases in Cybersecurity: Measuring the Impact of the Sunk Cost Fallacy to Delay Attacker Behavior
Chelsea Johnson
4:00pm Learning to Defend by Attacking (and Vice-Versa): Transfer Learning in Cyber-Security Games
Tyler Malloy, Cleotilde Gonzalez
4:30pm Oral Presentation: Incorporating Adaptive Deception into CyberBattleSim for Autonomous Defense Using a GA-Inspired Approach
Ryan Gabrys
5:00pm Oral Presentation: From Prey to Predator: A Use Case for Using Active Defense to Reshape the Asymmetrical Balance in Cyber Defense
Pei-Yu Huang, Yi-Ting Huang, Yeali S. Sun, Meng Chang
5:30pm Closing Remarks